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Founding Families Project

The Caboolture Family History Research Group has embarked on a new project, which was commenced part way through 2023, to identify and document every original landowner in the Old Moreton Bay District from 1860 to around 1910’ish using early Queensland Government Cadastral Maps.

Our Journey

We are tracing the first 3 or so generations of each family, where possible, and the connection between those families as they intermarried.

After we have collected all the information that we can find, we are entering all the family details into spreadsheets and then entering that information into Family Historian Genealogy Software, so we have a digital archive of each family member.  This will allow us to generate a huge family tree showing the intermarriages over those generations.

We currently have several hundred family connections through marriage, ie The Carseldine family married into over 45 other families in the district between approx. 1860 and 1880’s.

The Old Moreton Bay District originally covered Pt. Danger to Noosa.  The area we are covering is from Humpybong/Redcliffe/Bramble Bay, along to the north shore of the Pine River to Samford, along the D'Aguilar Ranger up to Kilcoy then along the Conondale Range and back to the coast towards Noosa.

We are adding lots of information to our Founding Family Archives and are on the lookout for the following information:

  • Family Stories / Histories including work histories (Occupations); leisure activities, family and community events

  • Shipping Arrival details into Australia

  • Historical documents ie Land Title Documents; Birth, Death, Marriages Certificates, Leases etc

  • Historical (Old) Photographs of our Founding Families and their lived experience

  • Diaries; Letters; Newspaper Articles

  • War Records; etc


If you have anything that you are willing to share copies of, with us, to help build up the Family Archives, please drop us an email to discuss at

These Family Founding Archives will be available to anyone researching their family tree.  We are here to help as much as we can on your research journey.

This type of project has never been attempted before, as far as we know, and it is extremely exciting to see how the huge Family Tree is coming together.

2,231 landowners identified so far.

We have also commenced a “Founding Families Connect” group, which will meet to discuss our findings every few months.  If you would like to go on our mailing list to receive our Newsletter, please contact us via email:

Where did your ancestors settle in the Old Moreton Bay District?

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