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Kabul-Tur (Kabi) Place of carpet snakes

Town Area Map Circa 1869

Present road names added for identification.

Caboolture is a town, 43 km north of Brisbane. It is thought that the name arose from the bay into which the Caboolture River runs (named by John Dunmore Lang in 1848), and was derived from an Aboriginal expression referring to the place of the carpet snake.

The Caboolture pastoral run, north-west of the junction of the Wararba Creek and the Caboolture River, was first taken up in 1850. The first established township was Upper Caboolture, but the Caboolture township was surveyed in 1869 where a road and stock route crossed the river. There were a ferry service, a store and a hotel, and a school was opened in 1873.


The Caboolture local-government division (further described under Caboolture Shire) was formed in 1879. With fewer than 100 people in 1881, Caboolture was of minor consequence; but at about 250 people in the next decade and with a railway station at Morayfield on the south side of the river, there was a considerable township.

Land owners at the time included: J Newman; JI Stewart; AR Stewart; HJ Hall; W Butler; J McConnel; S Roche; J Brien; JH Trevelian; CB Whish; ES Thomas; W Townsend; FC Burnett; G Raff; J Zanow; D Mergrath; J Bell; J Simpson; G Bayne; J Frederick; D Funder; W Anderson; CFW Stabe; D Franz; W Mewett; WG Geddes - these are based on the survey in 1866.

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