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Thomas Martin Tripcony

When serving on the ship “Agincourt”, he arrived in Melbourne in 1859 where he obtained a discharge and went to the goldfields.


He married in Melbourne on 21st April 1861 Catherine Abercrombie Buchanan.

Thomas made his way to Queensland and went to work for Captain Whish on his sugar plantation, Caboolture.

He moved to Deception Bay, lime burning for James Campbell & sons, then to Toorbul Point and finally to “Cowie Bank” on the mainland side of Pumicestone passage.  The house was built in 1877 and he remained there for the rest of his life.

Thomas oystered from 1866 and obtained an oyster licence in 1874 but diversified into cattle, fishing etc when the oyster industry downturned.

Thomas & Catherine had 3 sons, Constantine, Andrew & Thomas (Tom)

 Tom Jr took over “Cowie Bank” and ran cattle.

 “Cowie Bank” homestead stood until the 1920’s when it was demolished by a cyclone.

Information written by Lynn Hooper with information obtained from Sunshine Coast Council and the public domain.

Pumicestone Passage from "Cowie Bank"

image from Moreton Bay library

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